Whether installing a new floor or refurbishing an existing one, we can provide the skilled team to give your home a flooring makeover. Refinishing of wood floors, or the repair and sealing of concrete, tile, or laminate can be a messy job that easily exceeds the expectations of the do it yourself homeowner. We can fix that for you.

Maybe you just bought some boxes of laminate flooring and now realize that there is a lot more to installing it than just “hooking the edges together.” Let us do it for you. We’ll install the proper underlayment, trim all edges and door openings so that your finished floor not only looks beautiful, but will last for years.

Cleaning concrete floors, like your garage, is one of those projects you just never ‘get around to.’ We’ll power clean, seal, and paint any concrete floor: garage, basement, patios.

Make it your home again.

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