Rio Rancho

Just on the outskirts of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho is the perfect community for those who are raising a family or looking to settle down. It’s a place you can truly call home! However, just like many New Mexico homes, it’s susceptible to mold, water, and fire damage. If your home has been damaged and needs restoration, don’t stress – rely on Preventive Services, your Rio Rancho home restoration providers!

We’ll make sure your home is as good as new in no time, and for when you need a little extra renovation, we’ve got you covered there too! Whether you need professional carpet cleaning after a water leak or roof repair after a hail or snow storm, you can count on us to get the job done! When your home is in trouble, and you aren’t sure where to go – remember Preventive Services (505) 600-1716!

  • Our daughter absent-mindedly left a bathroom sink running, and then left the house. By the time someone returned water had seeped through the ceiling into two rooms below as well as damaging the drywall in the bathroom and both other rooms.

    The Preventive guys first got all the water cleaned up and the rooms dry. Then replaced all the drywall and ceiling in the affected areas. By the time they were done painting there was no evidence of a problem. Great job at a reasonable price! Highly recommend.

    –Gordon V.

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